Elegant & unique bombonieres (guest favors) for christening and baptism occasions

In Happyrooms we have a unique collection of bombonieres, hand crafted and hand painted in house, created upon the customer’s preferences. Each Bomboniere (guest favor) is a one of a kind, handmade, signed by the artist piece of art made by wood, canvas or paper.

In Happyrooms we focus on the highly standards production and the high quality materials. We mainly choose to use materials and objects that are produced locally and are also useful in every day life in order to produce a bomboniere that your guest will appreciate and keep.

Design and aesthetics of the bomboniere is another important stage of the production for us. Happyrooms’ bombonieres collection is designed in a simple and chic way, combining the Aegean aesthetics with the minimalistic design.

Each order is produced upon request and can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

All bombonieres include 3 or 5 almond dragees by Hatzigiannakis company and are available in packs of 20 pieces. The final price refers to a pack of 20 bombonieres, including VAT24% and dragees cost. Minimum order quantity is 20 bombonieres.

Our baptism bombonieres can be assorted by a matching, handmade and handpainted baptism set.

All our baptism sets include hand painted wooden boxes for the clothes and the oil set, romantic candles, a beautifully decorated lambatha (baptism candle) and matching oil accessories such as the bottle and the handmade soap. You may accompany the baptism set with matching christening sheets & underwear, elegant baptism clothes, accessories and shoes, as well as handmade guest memory books and martyrika (guest charms) in their own, special wooden boxes.

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