Baptism Set

Beautiful handmade baptism sets for Boys and Girls!

In Happyrooms we are proud of our unique, handmade baptism sets! Each item of the collection is hand painted on demand, giving the opportunity to the customer to choose the theme or color combination.

All our baptism sets include hand painted wooden boxes or suitcases for the clothes and the oil set, romantic candles, a beautifully decorated lambatha (baptism candle) and matching oil accessories such as the bottle and the handmade soap. You may accompany the baptism set with matching christening sheets & underwear, elegant baptism clothes, accessories and shoes, as well as handmade guest memory books and martyrika (guest charms) in their own, special wooden boxes.

Each baptism set is unique, signed by the artist and can have, upon request, the name of the child painted on the wooden clothes and oil boxes.

Our wooden baptism clothes and oil boxes can be used, after the baptism, as a customized, beautiful and practical toy chest for the nursery room. Additionally, the lambatha’s decoration and name tags can ideally decorate the nursery door.

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Βαπτιστικό Σετ Αρχικό Ονόματος  Καθρέφτης VS139


Βaptism set Sleep tight my Love – VP138


Baptism set Vintage Baby Boop VP136


Romantic style Baptism set in Dusty pink VS137


Indian Baptism Set VS134


Ivory Baptism Set with suitcase VS133


“The Little Prince” Baptism set (mint with suitcase) VS132


Baptism set with Paper Airplane VS114


Baptism set with Mustache VS 112


“The Little Prince” Baptism set (beige – light green) VS111


Baptism set with Owls on a boat VS108


Baptism set with Forest and Animals VS107