Baptism clothes for girls

Baptism clothes for girls in a beautiful, romantic style!

Happyrooms has an impressive collection of soft fabrics and beautiful patterns, combined in elegant, exclusive baptism dresses. All dresses are made of soft, comfortable fabrics of excellent quality, impressive designs and unique color combinations. The collection stands out because of the unique details, luxurious seam, fabric combinations and elegant accessories.

Each baptism dress is designed in a romantic, ethereal style with modern twists and stunning fabric combinations. You can choose a classy bright white, a romantic ivory or a modern color option for a one of a kind stylish look!

Our collection of girls baptism clothes also includes unique, handmade, hand-painted in a batik way, cotton dresses. You may choose one from our existing collection or you can ask for a customized theme or color combination and we will make sure to create it for you.

Every spring, our clothes’ collection is fully renewed; always by the signature of the established, high quality company Angel Wings.

And don’t forget that you can always combine the baptism clothes for boys with Happyrooms’ matching, handmade shoes!

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